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When you use our site and application, you are entrusting us with your personal information. We believe that this is a huge responsibility, and we work hard to prevent your data from being misused or misplaced at any cost. This policy was developed by Niramoy to demonstrate our dedication to safeguarding and upholding individual privacy rights. Our information gathering and distribution are practices for the site: www.niramoy.health and Niramoy Application.

Type of data we collect

In order for Niramoy to provide you with services to your satisfaction, we need to know who you are. We may request information from you that personally identifies you or that could be used to personally identify you when you utilize the services or during any engagement with us through our website, application, emails, phone calls, or other ways. Without limiting the scope of the mentioned, the information we may gather from you includes, but is not limited to:

i. contact information, such as your name, address, and phone number;

ii. demographic information, such as your age, gender, and post code;

iii. information about how you use our services, and

iv. other information you voluntarily choose to share with us. Example: emails or letters.

Niramoy may classify the data it has obtained from you as "personal data/information" or "sensitive personal data/information."

Here any information relating to a person that, directly or indirectly, when combined with other information available, is capable of identifying that person is referred to as: "personal information."

In this privacy policy "Sensitive Personal Data or Information" of a person is defined as personal data about that person that relates to:

i. a person's credentials related to Niramoy services;

ii. their financial information and payment instrument information;

iii. a patient's physical and physiological health condition;

iv. provided sexual orientation while creating accounts;

v. medical records and history provided in the Niramoy website or application;

vi. a visitor details as provided at the time of registration or thereafter in Niramoy; and

vii. video call data records.

Information that is readily accessible in the public domain may be used, collected, and disclosed by Niramoy without your authorization.

Data from Healthcare Providers:

i. Healthcare providers full name, age, BMDC registration number, gender, professional qualification, experience information, and chamber/clinic information are among the first.

ii. Their private information such as an NID or passport number, email address, or a mobile number.

iii. Niramoy internal staff employees will be the only ones with access to this information. Passwords and other sensitive information won't be available to anyone.

iv. Additional data that the doctor enters into the platform or associated services, such as a photo that the doctor chooses to attach with the account or optional data like a biography.

Patient Management - We maintain a record of the patient records you provide us. This record may contain details including your tests, diagnoses, prescriptions, responses to such medications or other treatments, and details about your medical condition that we have learned through the online services of Niramoy.

Healthcare Operations -- Any health-related information that is taken by Niramoy is utilized for our customer service, managing our website or application, quality assessment of our products and improvement, staff training, and service improvement in the healthcare industry. We might use your provided health information, for instance, to assess the effectiveness of the doctors treating you and of the services we provide to you.

Video call consultation- Using Zoom, the doctor conducts the consultation over a video call. The video calls are not recorded unless required by law. To preserve a record of the consultation, we may however take screenshots of the video conversation. These screenshots are safely kept on our server and will only be used to demonstrate whether a consultation actually took place or if a patient questions the caliber of the consultation.

The following uses of personal information are possible:

i. to deliver the services of Niramoy

ii. to enhance Niramoy's healthcare services quality by cross-checking quality reviews and related tasks

iii. to produce de-identified data, such as aggregate statistics about Niramoy's services, doctor's departments in demand etc. to let users know when Niramoy platform updates are ready

iv. to advertise to our users and promote the Niramoy platform and services

v. for any further reason for which you have given us permission to use your information

Disclosure of information:

i. This policy applies to the use of the personal information you provide to Niramoy and its connected services when you submit it through Niramoy. We may show you tailored adverts based on your personal information and usage patterns even if we do not share your information with unrelated third parties.

ii. When it's necessary to finish a transaction, run or develop Niramoy's products and services, to fulfill a request from you, or alert you to services Niramoy believes you would find interesting.

iii. To identify users and give notifications relating to the use of our service, Niramoy compiles user-submitted account information. For example: name, email address, cellphone number, and current address etc.

iv. Niramoy additionally gathers user-submitted profile data, such as extra contact details, location details, and biographical data etc. This extra profile information will make it easier for other users to find and contact you.

v. The Niramoy website or application will display your name, if applicable, together with any submitted content and on your personal pages.

vi. Your personal information will be displayed on your personal pages in accordance with the options you've established in your account.

vii. If you post another person's personal information on the Niramoy website, your account may be suspended and the offending content will be removed.

Responsibilities of Doctors:

Doctors are expected to follow Bangladeshi laws governing general data protection and privacy, as well as the guidelines and code of conduct. The medical professionals must constantly uphold the highest standards of conduct, including:

i. protecting patient confidentiality and privacy unless disclosure of information is mandated by law or is in the public interest.

ii. abide by the conditions of the current Niramoy Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to modify Niramoy's Privacy Practices and apply the modified procedures to all of the data we keep. On the Niramoy website and mobile app, updated notices will be posted accordingly.

Your PHI: Protected Health Information

i. Niramoy platform has the right to request a copy of our app-generated medical record. If we determine that you should be charged, we may do so.

ii. The right to ask us to restrict how we use and disclose your PHI, there may be times when we are unable to grant your request.

iii. The right to ask us to correct or update information in your medical file, there may be times when we are unable to grant your request.

iv. Right to receive a printed copy of this privacy statement. Niramoy will not always be able to accommodate such demands due to the computerized nature of our service.

Children under age 18

We do not intentionally permit anyone under the age of 18 to open an account and access our platform.

Contacting Niramoy

Regarding this Privacy Policy, as well as any other issue relating to our website and Niramoy E-clinic application, we welcome your comments and inquiries. To contact us, please send an email to info@niramoy.health


This Privacy Statement and the Terms of Use made available on our website to govern how you may use our site and our application, including any privacy-related disputes. YOU AGREE TO OBSERVE THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF USE PRACTICES BY USING NIRAMOY WEBSITE AND NIRAMOY E-CLINIC.